This website is a creative and professional WebApp.
It’s a “made in Italy for Singapore shops and companies“. is basically designed to help tourists from all over the world and expatriates relocating in Singapore to orientate better between shops and companies.
Our website is simple, intuitive, accessible to all users.

It helps USERS to find shops and companies just use a search box in homepage,  based on keywords, category and specific place of Singapore.

It helps SHOPS and COMPANIES to have greater visibility online and take advantage of a complete and professional service.

Who we are?


We are young team from Italy, our company name is ChickenHouse snc

Founded in 2005, ChickenHouse is creative agency based on the experience of professionals and technicians in the field of communication.
The agency shall be first of all passion and creativity, a “daily oasis” where we find new strength to keep in stand out.
We specialized in graphic design, web site creation either static or dynamic, web portals, e-commerce, mobile app.

Today, more than ever, the strength and continuity of any business lies in the quality of the women and the men within it and in their personal motivation.

Chickenhouse enjoy people who came from diversified and complementary experience, they enable a constructive approch for the structure, grow so dynamical team, tecnologically ahead of this time.