» The origin of the name “Lahlahshops.com”?
“Lah” is a slang used mainly by people of South-East Asia (Malaysia and Singapore mainly) to complement almost any sentence available in a social conversation.
The origins of this slang is basically from the chinese language, yet it is now used by almost anyone in the two countries mentioned above who aren’t too shy to let their asian roots shine with pride. People who don’t use the -lah slang is considered a snob to a certain degree.
We liked the sound “lahlah”…so we join this slang with the content of this site: shops.
So at the end was born: “Lahlahshops”.

»  Why Lahlahshops.com?
This website is a creative and professional WebApp.
It’s a “made in Italy for Singapore shops and companies“.

Lahlahshops.com is basically designed to help tourists from all over the world and expatriates relocating in Singapore to orientate better between shops and companies.
Our website is simple, intuitive, accessible to all users.
It helps you to find shops and companies just use a search box in homepage,  based on keywords, category and specific place of singapore.

» What are the strenghts?
The clearly and visible map on the website page will help you to visualize and instantly locate shops or companies by means of customized by category, so the area of interest will be highlighted in the city map
It’s due to a very useful tool and as modern as the “geolocation” that first of all you will see yourself where you are at that moment on the map, compared to shops and companies that you are looking for.
Lahlahshops.com is therefore a SIMPLE, INNOVATIVE and above all ESSENTIAL for both computers to smarthphone.

» If the geolocation doesn’t work?
Only a few steps.
For smarthphones: Simply enter into the smarthphone settings, then in the privacy section, localization, and finally set at the browser (ex. Safari for iPhone devices) “enabled”. Next, return to the homepage of the website and do a refresh of the page. At this point ask whether or not to give the go ahead for geolocation.
For Pc, Mac or other devices: Simply click “allow” when the browser ask if to enable or not the geolocalization.
Contact the lahlahshops staff if you have others questions about geolocalization problems: enquiry@lahlahshops.com

» Why a Shop or a Company should choose this website?
Because it’s different from all the other sites with lists of activities.
Because it’s based on a totally different concept compared with other sites with lists of activities.
Because a Shop (or a Company) has at its disposal a fully customizable webspace, even with promotions, photos, links to social networks (like facebook or twitter), hours of operation, services or treated products, categories of membership useful or Singapore’s areas to search inside the site itself.

» A USER need to be registered?
NO. Because the service it’s without registration for users.
Only shops or companies have to register.

» If a Shop or a Company forgot password to login in the Admin area?
If you forgot your password, you may email us: enquiry@lahlahshops.com
You have to specify User name (or Company / Shop name).
We’ll send directly to your e-email the password.

» If you have any other question send us an e-mail to: info@lahlahshops.com